Monday, February 11, 2013

Time for Change

All industries have cycles....shag carpeting was big in the 70's. Polyester suits were the rage in the disco 80's...computers took over the 90's.

The cycles in some case come back around...let's hope polyester suits and vests are a ways from returning....
but in most cases technology, need or desire lead to new choices.

The pool interior industry has been dominated by plaster and stone products since it's earliest beginnings.

Plaster has been a mainstay product for many gunite/shotcrete pool builders. Plaster as a product was inexpensive to install in a pool and had a built in product replacement cycle of 8-10 years.

Stone interiors such as Pebble Tec were introduced in the mid 80's and became the product of choice for many homeowners based on look and longevity. The stone went from an uncomfortable large aggregate to smoother smaller pebbles as the market matured. Plaster was the binder that held the stone together.

Small glass beads were introduced in the 2000's with products such as Beadcrete. These products still had a plaster matrix that held the beads together.

Plaster was and is the common thread in all the products mentioned above...and plaster breaks down.

Glass tile is installed over a gunite/shotcrete shell properly finished for glass tile installation.

Once thought be the product of the Rich and Famous and usually seen in pools at high-end resorts...
glass tile is now becoming affordable to many homeowners who are looking for a change from the standard plaster and stone finishes.

New pool and remodel construction has seen an upsurge in demand for beautiful glass tile installations.

Ask your professional pool builder remodeler in your area about glass tile interior finishes and remember
Pool Jewelz glass tile is affordable, durable and available for your pool and spa finishes.


Pool Jewelz: Beautiful Pools do not happen by chance unless the...

Pool Jewelz: Beautiful Pools do not happen by chance unless the...: Beautiful Pools do not happen by chance unless they are made by nature... A good plan and drawing is the first step and acts as a roadmap f...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beautiful Pools do not happen by chance unless they are made by nature...
A good plan and drawing is the first step and acts as a roadmap for the completion of the project.
Glass tile installation as an interior product requires skilled craftsman for proper installation.
Make sure you have a professional pool builder with experienced crews or subs.
Go look at some of their past clients projects.
If they build with quality their customers will be happy to show you their pools.
Happy pools make happy homeowners.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pool Jewelz: Why offset 1/2" tile makes sense.

Pool Jewelz: Why offset 1/2" tile makes sense.: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Scottsdale ,  Arizona ,  United States of America  ( ) February 20, 2011 -- Let the Bling beg...

Why offset 1/2" tile makes sense.

ScottsdaleArizonaUnited States of America ( February 20, 2011 -- Let the Bling begin...Boring Pool interiors are the thing of the past as Pool Jewelz... are the new fashion hit of the season.
Beautiful all glass iridescent tile used to only be found at resorts and the homes of the ubber rich...but now all pools can have the beauty and durability of Pool Jewelz.
The specially crafted Pool Jewelz are made to conform to the coves and contours of your pool,spa and water vessels.
The offset z pattern allows tile installers to fashion the tile to the pool and gives a monolithic design. 
The lineal nature of a 1" in line tile dissappears as the Pool Jewelz sparkle like a field of Jewels. No straight lines to worry about.

Pool Jewelz are now being introduced to the East Coast market and will soon be available in Canada.
Bling for your Pool...its tile for a new pool interior to claim the market.
Call your local pool builder or remodeler to find Pool Jewelz near your Pool.
The treasure awaits ...Pool Jewelz.

More information can be found online at

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pool Jewelz endorses Custom Building Products

Pool Jewelz"+" a leading glass tile distributor for the pool and spa interior market is recommending the use of
Custom Building Products"+", MegaFlex thin-set and PolyBlend grouts for the installation of the Pool Jewelz beautiful all glass tile line.
Trained tile setters using a high quality thin-set and grout system have far better results with tile installation.
Ask your pool builder or remodeler to show you the Pool Jewelz line-up for 2013 and remember Custom Building Products is the Pool Jewelz choice for thin-sets and grouts.
To learn more go to